Technical Translations - English, Italian, French
  • Documentation for medical devices, pharmaceuticals and chemicals
  • Courses for antiterrorism nuclear/biological/chemical warfare
  • EN ISO European standards on machinery
  • Documentation for vehicle and ship automation systems
  • Manuals for mechanical machinery, mechanical design software, consumer electronics, optical equipment, printing presses, telecommunications equipment, integrated circuits manufacturing, pc hardware and peripherals
  • Business, legal and regulatory correspondence
  • Video scripts for dubbing
  • Online manuals, user interfaces, help applications for consumer and professional products
  • Windows applications resource files and icons using Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual C++)
  • Menus, dialog boxes, help messages and images using graphics software tools
  • Javascript web pages and Java applets
  • Application software strings in source files, files compilation and transfer of compiled files to the software integration environment
  • Resource level and execution level internationalization enabling, using bimodal API's and compiling user interface and input/output UNICODE double byte text strings into separate language files.
  • Qt based C++ applications running in Linux's KDE environment
  • Samples of localized applications available for download
  • Multimedia linguistic atlas using Ajax, Flash, PHP and MySQL: this interactive web application plays audio and video Flash files that are loaded progressively in real time without reloading the page. The multimedia files being accessed via a database, this application could be used without modifications for a real atlas containing thousands of words.
Technical writing
  • Online WinHelp for Windows applications
  • Documentation for regulatory compliance (FDA, ISO, EEC, national legislation) of medical instrumentation
  • Quality Manual of a medical diagnostics manufacturing company
  • Operating and service manuals for immunoassay automation instruments and for Windows based immunoassay data processing software
  • Screen captures of operating software for printed and online manuals
  • Creation of custom technical glossaries