AB Software Design - Programming, Localization, Testing
Visual C++ programming with MFC and SDK API's Linux GUI programming
  • with C++ in Qt/KDE environment
CGI scripts in C++
  • Designed and compiled on Windows and Linux
Ajax, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript Java
  • Design and development of Java applets

Network administration
  • Windows XP/2000/NT server and Linux network
  • Multiple language/OS double boot, custom built PCs
  • Discrete probability: applied combinatorics and number theory
Languages Other
  • Assembler programming for embedded microprocessor systems
  • All graphics and animations in this site are not off-the-shelf from galleries or the web, but have been specifically designed using Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Flash.

I hold a Master of Science in Electronics Engineering from an academic institution, a five-year university course that includes subjects ranging from thermodynamics and electromagnetic fields to applied mathematics and computer science. With experience also in hardware design of embedded microcomputers systems, I am not a so-called "engineer" who has "graduated" by answering multiple choice questionnaires about commercial software applications prepared and/or approved by the manufacturer of the applications themselves.

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