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An easy-to-use file and email encryption/decryption application that integrates seamlessly with the default mail client and does not involve third parties for key generation/distribution.



A simple timer that features some custom user interface components not available as standard in the Windows environment, complete with WinHelp context help.
The user can customize the alarm jingle by replacing the .wav sound file.

Bridge deals probability and random deals generation

  • Blyss, a bridge dealer program for Windows XP/2000/NT that generates PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) files, also including a statistical analyzer function for estimating probability. The graphical user interface features cards that can be easily selected and unselected by clicking on them. The deals found can be played with any bridge program supporting PBN format or viewed with the Deals Viewer function. Blyss is shareware and a full featured trial version is available for download.

  • Bridgecomp, a random deals simulator for the statistical analysis of arbitrary scales of bridge points for honor cards. A simple and fast command prompt application. Available for download.

Linguistic atlas web application

A responsive web application using Ajax, Flash, PHP and MySQL, this demo of a linguistic atlas plays audio and video Flash files that are loaded progressively in real time without reloading the page. The multimedia files being accessed via a database, this application could be used without modifications for a real atlas containing thousands of words.

Qt Timer for Linux

A simple timer for KDE on Linux characterized by an original frameless round window.
The user can customize the alarm jingle by replacing the .wav or .raw sound file.

This web site

Designed using PHP, JavaScript, C++ CGI scripts, Java, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver; translated and localized in Italian and French.

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